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My secret:

“The heart pushes beyond the rational limits of the mind”

I founded the International Law Firm in 1999. I may talk about the hundreds of disputes that I handled and resolved the numerous experiences that I have had, especially abroad, and the huge results achieved with full customer’s satisfaction. All this may be interesting for the reader in order to get an idea about my firm’s ability to fight for your case to get the outcome you deserve.

One example of such a case was a client who had been deprived of his inheritance due to the fraudulent behavior of a bank consultant who stole a remarkable sum of money from his bank account in Charleston, USA. I was able to force the bank to pay for the fraudulent behavior of the former consultant and restore the client’s funds. Another time I managed to save an Italian company from bankruptcy and the loss of its brand after it lost a large lawsuit in the United States. In the end I closed a profitable deal for my client. These are only a few examples among the hundreds of cases that I successfully worked on, which has resulted in many enthusiastic reviews from my clients for my work.

To transmit my passion to you, I would like share with you the secret to my success, which I believe is at the very core of my work.

A few years ago, while returning from New York, I was wondering why, during the years, I have been able to succeed where others have failed. I was wondering what made my work different. During the time I spent on the returning flight, I finally found the answer to my question: it was the heart.

I have never worked on “cases”. I have never worked with clients. I work “with people” on their cases. I have always remembered that, behind documents, bureaucracy and disputes, there are people needing help. I have never, ever forgotten that my work is helping and serving people.

The mind is rational while the heart is pure emotion and it pushes you beyond the rational limits of the mind. The heart makes you think that nothing is impossible. The mind finds the way to face the impossible and overcome it.

That is my secret. That is the way I work.

“The mind is rational while the heart is pure emotion and it pushes you beyond the rational limits of the mind.”

The heart makes you think that nothing is impossible. The mind finds the way to face the impossible and overcome it.


International Law Firm FeboLaw Story

– 1999: Establishment of the Febo Ricci Carillo Law Firm
– 2001: Establishment of the Febo Law International Law Firm
– from 2002: International Legal Consultancy for leading International companies
– from 2008: Partnerships with prestigious American law firms
– 2008: Clousure of the Regione Campania LTD in New York
– 2010: Partnership with Roberto Rainone Law Firm
– 2016: Admitted to the Supreme Court of Italy
– 2019: Partnership with Mazzocchetti Law in Australia
– 2019: Opening of the office in Rome
– 2020: Various partnerships with prestigious Law Firms in Italy, USA and all over the world

Our partnership

The international law firm of Febo Ricci Carillo has two offices in Italy: Rome and Salerno and one in the U.S. in New York. FeboLaw delivers effective legal representation in all the Italian territory, in Europe and in the United States of America through the cooperation with prestigious firms:

The International Law Firm FeboLaw, led by Febo Ricci Carillo, has offices in Italy (Rome and Salerno) and in New York, providing a wide range of legal services all over Italy, Europe, USA and Australia, with a team of lawyers specialized in different areas of law and business. The firm is particularly and highly specialized in Estate and Probate. Our firm’s credo can be summarized in one simple sentence: “our client’s interests come before any other interests”. We strive to provide the highest professional legal representation and we are truly committed to protecting our clients’ interests and in finding the best solution for their needs.


The case which Febo resolved was my mothers pension from INPS; for years she did not receive her pension, and he resolved the situation (during present pandemic) in a few months, so please if someone you know is in the same situation and do not receive results from your local Patronato or official seek legal help from Febo...I look forward to use his services in the future... Grazie Molto! Febo...
– Joseph Scrivofilo
Ho conosciuto Febo grazie al contatto fornitomi dal Patronato ACLI di New York. In pochi mesi è riuscito, con la sua professionalità, a concludere una pratica di successione che si era arenata da anni. Sempre disponibile, “coccola” i suoi assistiti rispondendo in tempi rapidi a mail e persino ai messaggi whatsapp. Consiglio vivamente lo studio Febo Law.
– Lorenzo Passera
Febo ... un grande avvocato e soprattutto un grande amico!
Ho conosciuto Febo circa 7 anni fa . Ha assistito mio padre in alcune cause all'estero per il recupero di crediti e contratti di esclusiva. Si è rivelato un ottimo avvocato ma soprattutto un grande Amico. Nel suo lavoro mette cuore e passione! Una splendida persona.
– Valentina Castiello
Molto soddisfatta di Febo
Avevo un problema legale in America e mi sono affidata all’avvocato Febo Ricci Carillo che lo ha risolto con risultato più che positivo. Con l’avvocato Febo, mi sono sentita da subito, a mio agio, libera di fare tutte le domande possibili pur non avendo nessuna esperienza del settore e si è instaurato un buon rapporto di fiducia. É sempre riuscito a farmi comprendere i termini tecnici del settore, traducendo dall’inglese all’italiano. È stato chiaro, disponibile, pronto a rispondere a chiamate o messaggi, di parola, attento, scrupoloso e corretto. Puntuale nei tempi e nella parola data, ha cercato di risolvere ogni problema come se fosse stato suo personale. Se si dovesse ripresentare l’occasione farei ancora appello al suo aiuto e senza esitare lo consiglierei ad un amico.
– Elena Passera
Febo and his staff were truly a God send
For me, Febo Ricci Carillo and Jeannette Evelyn De Maio and their legal associates located in the United States are true heroes! There aren’t words available to ascribe mine and my family’s gratefulness for their dedication, legal counsel, humanity and sensitivity for our case. Our journey began on January 17, 2005. This was the day my wife and I legally adopted our three biological sisters from the Ukraine. They were 9, 7 and 6 years of age, Katia, Darya and Irina respectively. It was difficult adoption process and how our girls became available was their mother did not survive the delivery of her youngest daughter. Shortly after returning home to Huntington, New York our daughters began school without knowing a lick of English. One evening while saying prayers at dinner, my middle daughter Darya, finished her dinner grace with…” God, can you please help us find Vera?” We didn’t know who Vera was and we asked a translator to help us understand. Shortly after speaking with my daughters our translator said, “the girls shared that when their mom went to the hospital, she and Vera never came home.” It turned out my daughters had a sister they have never met or known. It was on that evening that I promised I would find her! It took me 14 years to finally find her. She was adopted by an Italian family at the age of 2, and they resided in Treviso, Italy. I knew I was going to need legal counsel and searched the internet for some assistance and found Italy Legal Services and spoke to John Emelio. John introduced me to his co-counsel Febo Ricci Carillo who practiced in Italy. Febo and his staff were truly a God send! He listened and immediately felt he and his associates would be delighted to help in facilitating the reconnecting of my daughters with their sister. He immediately contacted his associate in United States and emails, telephone calls and special packages were exchanged and through the amazing guidance, efforts, legal counsel and persistent support it was on May 7, 2020, Vera, now named Marina on her 20th birthday, she reached out to us to make contact and shared family photos and texts. Today my daughters are communicating daily and planning to meet once the covid-19 scourge ends. This is truly a miracle and wouldn’t have been possible without the care, professionalism and commitment to seeing this through of Febo Ricci Carillo and his associates abroad! I highly recommend Febo and his legal expertise. He is more than just an attorney; he cares deeply about people and the conditions they might find themselves in. With all that I am, thank you Febo…thank you!
– Robert De Simone
Jeannette is a wonderful lawyer
Jeannette is wonderful lawyer! A true professional, attentive, caring, concerned, and articulate. She has helped me tremendously, supporting and clarifying, always just a phone call or email away. She is extremely knowledgeable and is very helpful in giving legal advice. I highly recommend her!
– Josie Thibert
Trustworthy Firm
A very trustworthy firm which is highly recommended. Mr. Febo and his team is very professional and transparent. They have dealt with my case very tackfully.
– Mr. Atchadu
I will be using FEBO law in the future
I was married to an Italian lady for years and we have two beautiful sons together, but things did not work out between us and we agreed to separate and then divorce. I moved from Italy to the US in 2015 and used Febo and Chiara for advice and I was very happy with the service that they provided and will be using FEBO law in the future for my other activities both here in the US and back in Italy.
– Hossein Moiin
Great experience
I had a great experience with Jeannette Di Maio. She responded quickly, answered all my questions, and got me on the right track legally. I would have been in deep doo doo without her help.
– Pepper Giese
Febo is a great person
My mother in law was struck by a moving vehicle in Verona Italy, after months of treatment her first attorney thru recommendation was a total disappointment. We have decided to find the right attorney to represent her, and after a long internet search we came across FEBO LAW, and decided to try them. After our conversation with Mr Febo Carillo we felt very comfortable and decided to use his service, sure enough we have made a great decision. After a short period of time my mother in law has received her compensation three times more than what the first attorney has promised, and on top of all she had to leave Italy and come to New York, and Mr Carillo suggested to use a power of attorney for the process since she would leave the country. Mr Carillo has negotiated and and excepted the compensation on my mother in law behalf, and wire transferred her compensation to New York. All we can say is that Febo Carillo highly professional, knowledgeable, and over all is a great person, that will go out of his way to satisfy his client, and surely he does, my mother in law was stunned to hear and couldn't believe the sum of her compensation with much lower legal fee, then her previous attorney. Thank you Mr Febo Carillo and Febo Law staff, for your excellent service, we will always remember and recommend your firm to those who in need.
– Aleksey Chulkov
Jeannette is the best lawyer!!
Jeannette is the best lawyer!!
– Leonard Massaro
Quickly resolved the issue
I have used other Italian law firms and Jeannette is the best by far. She is so knowledgeable, professional and responsive. She represented me with my grievance with a realtor and quickly resolved the issue. I will definitely use her and this firm for all the future work that I have regarding the sale of my properties. It is so nice to also work with someone that is not only knowledgeable but friendly. Thank you Jeannette for all your help and support and I look forward to working with you in the future.
– Denise Cutrone
I will surely contact again FeboLaw
Thank you Jeannette for the friendly service and assistance recently while helping me get my notarized Italian will. I advertised for an English/Italian speaking attorney, and you were the only one to respond. If I need any further legal assistance, I will surely contact you.
– Joan Bash
They made me very comfortable
I just used Febo law for my father who was going through the succession process of inheriting properties from his father. I found Italy Legal Services online, John over there coordinated with Studio Legale International where Jeannette took over from there. They explained the processes to me, I had to send them $$ for Search the Italian Registry, once the properties were located, I had to pay the Inheritance Fees which were substantial, I did not know these people, they made me very comfortable in directing me to the USA/Italian Consulate, their recommendation plus other reviews like this and the Professionalism of both John and Jeannette made me comfortable and confident this was all up and up. Jeannette went over and above explaining the step by step process and answering all my crazy paranoid questions along the way. I highly recommend this Firm.
– Patrick Gianforte
Extremely Professional,Dedicated, Sincere
Extremely Professional,Dedicated, Sincere There are not enough words to express my gratitude for the excellent representation you provided to me for my sons' personal injury case,You took all of my concerns and stress away,you always kept me informed during the process.Your knowledge and determination is amazing you went above and beyond for me you did everything you promised and more. You are a blessing to all who find themselves in need of representation.Your style of representation was an impeccable experience. I can never thank you enough.
– Dawn Allert
Extraordinary service
I contacted John and Jeannette after and intent to buy a property in Italy without legal advice. Since the beginning I felt that they listen and analyze the possible outcomes with professionalism and honesty. they’ve respond and try to protect my interest overall . The high quality of service they offered me make me write this comment and recommend to anybody to trust them.
– Nina Salinas
The case which Febo resolved was my mothers pension from INPS; for years she did not receive her pension, and he resolved the situation (during present pandemic) in a few months, so please if someone you know is in the same situation and do not receive results from your local Patronato or official seek legal help from Febo...I look forward to use his services in the future... Grazie Molto! Febo...
– Joseph Scrivofilo
Febo, non solo un grande avvocato, ma anche un amico con tanto cuore
Dopo che la nostra famiglia è stata colpita da una tragedia negli Stati Uniti nel 2017, ci siamo rivolti a diversi studi legali, sia in Italia che negli Stati Uniti, i quali ci avevano evidenziato l'assenza di presupposti per procedere per vie legali. Due anni dopo, un amico raccontò le nostre vicissitudini a Febo, il quale, presosi a cuore la vicenda, si mise in contatto con noi. Fin dal primo momento, abbiamo percepito, non solo la sua grande passione e professionalità, ma anche il suo cuore nell'affrontare con tatto e delicatezza la situazione. Tant'è che, nonostante ci fossimo ormai messi il cuore in pace, dopo l'incontro con Febo, abbiamo deciso di fare un altro tentativo. Ed infatti, oltre ad essere sempre disponibile, chiaro, puntuale e scrupoloso, ci siamo resi conto di come si sia approcciato alla situazione come uno di famiglia, un vero amico. La fiducia che avevamo riposto in Febo non è stata vana! Infatti, dopo diverse trattative, grazie a Febo, dopo che tutti si erano rifiutati di darci assistenza legale in quanto non c'erano margini, abbiamo ottenuto molto di più di quello che inizialmente ci sembrava possibile. Un sentito e grande ringraziamento a Febo per il suo cuore, la sua tenacia e la sua passione e professionalità. Non solo un grande avvocato ma anche una splendida persona! Un ringraziamento anche ai suoi collaboratori! Con affetto, Gianna, Simonetta e Donato
– Gianna, Simonetta e Donato